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I suppose you want to know just what the above title means.  The view inside...inside of what, you ask.  The view inside of me.  The view inside of you.  The view inside the journey.  What journey?  Your journey, my journey, our journey as women.  I could sit all day and night explaining how I was put on my path.  I could explain each and every beautiful and wondrous moment to you, but I will save that for another day.  Today, I merely want to grease the wheels. 

I want to get you thinking about your journey.  Where has it led you?  What choices did you make that led you to the path you are currently on?  What path led you here, to this very site?  Was it divine intervention?  Was it a purpose driven choice?  Was it by accident?  You are here for a reason.  Only you know that reason.  Think on it.  Journal your thoughts.  Share them with me if you like.  

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